Penny’s Savings 2018 – Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5

Hmmmm. So that plan of writing this section of the blog on a weekly basis has failed somewhat. Mainly due to a ten day stint of agonising toothache and being somewhat off my head of pain killers!

What I did learn from that little episode though is that if you don’t leave the house for anything other than the school run fo a week you don’t spend much money. The savings are further enhanced when the antibiotics from the dentist don’t allow to drink for a week and at once point the pain is so bad that all you manage to eat in a 48 hour period is two soggy Weetabix. Then again, it’s not the kind of lengths that I recommend when you’re wanting to save money!

The other thing that’s been taking up my time is trying to find us somewhere new to live. Buying a property isn’t going to be cheap, but in the long run it is going to be so much more cost efficient than renting in this part of the country. With the deposit that we have saved up and the price range of property that we’re looking at, chances are that our mortgage outgoings will be about a third of what we are currently paying in rent each month. There are some additional costs that come with owning a home over renting, but we are really hoping that the difference in monthly accommodation outgoings will enable us to put money away into a savings account (or offset mortgage) so that we can be prepared for those extra costs when they come in.

Penny's Savings KidsPass

As far as main savings over the last month, I carried on what I started in week 1 and we had another family trip to the cinema where having a KidsPass enabled us to save a whopping £15.98. That means a total saving on cinema tickets of £27.24 in the month. So worthwhile.

I also made a couple of sales purchases in January which saved me about £8 in total (one being a new swimming costume for my daughter). Finally I also got round to downloading the Wuntu app (a bit like O2 Priority, but for Three customers) and was able to get a free cup of tea at Costa which saved me £2.

In addition to the above, regular use of Topcashback means I earned another £4.79 of Cashback with them (mainly on my OH’s work expenses) and using my American Express Cashback credit card aded up to a further £24.75.

January was also the month that I finally got round to setting up a proper savings account to make the money from my house sale last year actually work for me. I managed to find one that pays interest monthly and make a whopping £47.83 in just the first month.

All in all it’s not been the biggest month for savings after all, but oh how I plan to turn that around in February!

Total savings for weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 £65.81

Total Cashback for the weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 £29.54


Total savings for the year to date £387.19

Total Cashback for the year to date £62.26

Total saved for the year to date £449.45

Five Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week #5FrugalThings

5FrugalThings Five Frugal Things

Surely one of the best places to start with a new blog about saving money is the fantastic Five Frugal Things linky. It’s a great way of seeing what everyone else is up to when it comes to saving money.

So, as for my five things this week…

1. Starting Penny’s Savings

My biggest thing this week has to be starting this blog. Penny’s Savings is where I’m really hoping to bring together everything I do that is frugal and also use the blog as a way of motivating myself to be more thrifty.

5frugalthings 5 frugal things

2. Sell the children’s possessions

No I’m not really that harsh. but it is what I’ve started doing this half term. My kids are fortunate enough to have a house full of toys and games, with more arriving weekly for me to review with them. What I have started now though is a “one in, at least one out” rule. For every new toy or game that arrives in the house the kids have to choose at least one other to get rid of and I’ve been starting to sell the ones they’re deciding to discard via eBay and the local FB selling sites. It’s not making huge amounts of money, but it is a start.

3. Getting my accounts in order

I’m someone who likes spreadsheets and I generally try to keep on top of all the household finances, but sometimes that does just slip. With it having been the end of the month, and with lots of time at home with the kids I’ve been making a real effort this week to get on top of the various financial spreadsheets that I have and bring them all up to date. It’s not a fun task, but at least means I know how much money we have where.

4. A cheap half term holiday

Holidays are never cheap. That’s just a fact. But some holiday choices are cheaper than others and that’s why as a family we often go on camping holidays. We’re recently back from spending the bank holiday weekend on a campsite in north Norfolk. Luckily the weather was very kind to us, but the children had a great time and as we saved money by camping cheaply it meant that we were able to spend a bit more on days out an activities whilst away.

5. Collecting and sorting vouchers and coupons

I used to be incredibly organised when it came to vouchers and coupons to save money on shopping, but recently they’ve all just ended up in a huge pile on my desk gathering dust. I’ve again used some of my time at home this week to work through my pile, bin the ones that are out of date and group together the in date ones by shop. That means that the next time I go out shopping I can just grab the right pile and save some more money.


I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.