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On the first Monday of each month I head into Radio Verulam where I appear on the West Herts Drivetime show as their “Thrifty Correspondent”. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share some thrifty tips with their listeners and also means I get to do a spot of radio, which I love! This month I’m going to be talking all about how to save water, and hence save money too. The theory is that if you can reduce the amount of water you use you also reduce your other energy bills too. After all, it takes less gas or electricity to heat the water up for starters.

Once the show’s gone out I’ll link to some clips from it, but if you’re wanting to save water then here are my top five tips.

1. Shower

It may seem obvious, but shower instead of having a bath. And even better still, have a short shower. The “recommended time” for a thrifty shower is four minutes, but to be honest that seems quite long to me. Work out how long you normally spend in the shower and then aim to reduce that time as much as possible.  There are even loads of shower timers on the market to make sure you’re in and out as fast as possible!

If you’re already a shower person, ask yourself if you have an eco shower head or not. These can use up to 30% less water than a conventional shower head – hence saving you even more water and money.

2. Turn off

Whether brushing your teeth, washing your face, or doing the washing up, turn off the tap as much as possible. It doesn’t need to be running all the time as otherwise you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Also, if you do the washing up by hand consider investing in a washing up bowl. Not only do they hold less water than a kitchen sink does (hence saving money instantly!) but also your washing up water is likely to stay hotter for longer in one – another little energy saving measure!

3. Full loads only

If you use a washing machine or dishwasher then make sure that you only ever run it when you have a full load. It’s the most efficient way of running your machine and the programmes normally use a volume of water that assumes it is a full load, so otherwise it’s just more water down the drain.

4. Fix the drips

Talking of money down the drain… that’s exactly what a drip of a leak is. Get those dripping taps and leaky toilet fixed as soon as you can. It may be that you just need something simple like a new washer in a tap and a few pence on one of those can save you loads in the long run. Most DIY stores have some excellent guides now online to help you do jobs like that yourself – just like this one that can help with sorting out dripping taps.

5. Use a butt

If you have a garden of any size then it’s definitely worth considering getting a water butt. You can buy a simple kit to connect a water butt to a downpipe from your gutters and then every time it rains (which let’s be honest happens a lot!) you’re basically getting free water to use on your garden. If you want to go a step further you could even use this water to wash your car with!


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Five Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week #5FrugalThings

5FrugalThings Five Frugal Things

Surely one of the best places to start with a new blog about saving money is the fantastic Five Frugal Things linky. It’s a great way of seeing what everyone else is up to when it comes to saving money.

So, as for my five things this week…

1. Starting Penny’s Savings

My biggest thing this week has to be starting this blog. Penny’s Savings is where I’m really hoping to bring together everything I do that is frugal and also use the blog as a way of motivating myself to be more thrifty.

5frugalthings 5 frugal things

2. Sell the children’s possessions

No I’m not really that harsh. but it is what I’ve started doing this half term. My kids are fortunate enough to have a house full of toys and games, with more arriving weekly for me to review with them. What I have started now though is a “one in, at least one out” rule. For every new toy or game that arrives in the house the kids have to choose at least one other to get rid of and I’ve been starting to sell the ones they’re deciding to discard via eBay and the local FB selling sites. It’s not making huge amounts of money, but it is a start.

3. Getting my accounts in order

I’m someone who likes spreadsheets and I generally try to keep on top of all the household finances, but sometimes that does just slip. With it having been the end of the month, and with lots of time at home with the kids I’ve been making a real effort this week to get on top of the various financial spreadsheets that I have and bring them all up to date. It’s not a fun task, but at least means I know how much money we have where.

4. A cheap half term holiday

Holidays are never cheap. That’s just a fact. But some holiday choices are cheaper than others and that’s why as a family we often go on camping holidays. We’re recently back from spending the bank holiday weekend on a campsite in north Norfolk. Luckily the weather was very kind to us, but the children had a great time and as we saved money by camping cheaply it meant that we were able to spend a bit more on days out an activities whilst away.

5. Collecting and sorting vouchers and coupons

I used to be incredibly organised when it came to vouchers and coupons to save money on shopping, but recently they’ve all just ended up in a huge pile on my desk gathering dust. I’ve again used some of my time at home this week to work through my pile, bin the ones that are out of date and group together the in date ones by shop. That means that the next time I go out shopping I can just grab the right pile and save some more money.


I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.